High Price Order Procedures

High-Price Order Procedure 💲

In recent months, we implemented a "hold system" for large orders that total over $190. If you receive an order over that dollar amount, three things need to happen - two on your end and one on the Broadtime side - all of which are relatively quick/easy.

1. You'll receive an email informing you that an order has been placed that exceeds the $190 limit. At that point, you'll need to review the order and once you're confident the order is legit, you'll hit the "Force Submit to AEC" Button at the top of the order page. 

2. Inform us that you've forced through a high-price order (using support@broadtime.com) so that we can initiate step three.

3. We must then log into AEC, where a hold is placed on the order. We then manually clear the hold to allow it to process with Alliance. 

Here's an example of the email you will receive when an order is placed on your website over $190:

High Price Order Alert for [Store Name]

This order needs manual intervention due to its large price. If it looks suspicious to you, please cancel it to prevent this message from recurring. (4 hour interval on orders from the past 24 hours).

Please reach out to support@broadtime.com if you have any questions. Alternatively, if you are confident the order is legitimate, you may go ahead and submit it to AEC using the "Force Submit to AEC" button -- please do email support@broadtime.com when you do this. You may also fill it yourself from your own inventory if desired.

06/13/22 - 412748 - $473.52

Why are we doing this? Fraud prevention. We've encountered issues in recent months of stolen credit cards being used to purchase higher-priced items (think game consoles, AirPods, etc.). We know this adds another step for everyone, especially when artists put out high-priced releases like the recently-announced Revolver reissue from The Beatles. However, we felt it was important to implement this process to add another layer of protection for you and Broadtime as a whole.

Why the $190 limit? In our research, we found that 98% of orders placed across Broadtime sites follow under this amount, so the vast majority of your orders should not be impacted by this change. This should also catch and account for higher-priced items that are often targets for fraud. 

Note: Broadtime will do its best to assist you in addressing any fraud situations. This includes how to provide the best proof to dispute any charges, but ultimately the responsibility falls to the store, the banks on Stripe, and their respective dispute resolution processes. Hopefully, these tools will be a big help to you.

 Sometimes, we notice orders being sent to a freight forwarder, which can also be suspicious. How to spot a freight forwarder: If you notice an order has an address and number that looks like an account number, for instance, 24 Main Street #453456 either on the main address line or on its own line, that is an indicator that it's going to a domestic warehouse to be shipped overseas. Sometimes these are legitimate orders but also sometimes it is hard to prove disputed fraud orders. Handle with caution.

If you have questions on this, please send us a note - support@broadtime.com