Tuneportals Websites

Your website is a huge reflection of your store itself, and research has shown that the customer’s first point of contact with a retail store will often come through their website.  Therefore it is key that the website reflects the vibe of the store and immediately shows the customer the full scope of what their local store can offer them.

Broadtime has used our numerous years of experience in the retail software industry to provide one of the best website programs in the marketplace for independent stores.  The market-leading Tuneportals is your gateway to a fast content-driven e-commerce website that is capable of providing your customers with an enjoyable webstore experience that matches the essence of your retail environment whilst also being highly competitive to larger online sites.


We also strongly believe that the marketing promotional effort in maintaining a strong web presence should be carried across all digital mediums at once, including website/webstore, email newsletter, and in-store sampling and lookup kiosk.  All of our services are fully integratable and are centrally controlled through the Tuneportals software, simplifying your cross-platform marketing needs.

Our kiosk solution uses the same Control Panel as the website and email use to determine all the chosen featured items for a particular period. We also fully integrate the kiosk into existing in-store Marketing programs you may have.

The website content is fully customizable, and for retail environments such as Record Stores, each week we will automatically update your site with the latest releases across all media complete with Cover art, Metadata, Samples and Digital purchase links.  We will also provide the latest News, Charts, Value-added promotions from Record Store Day, Ad banners for the latest releases and all promotional content ensuring that your site is always up to date.

Control over your website's content is made extremely easy with our online control panel, Broadtime's TunePortals provides everything needed for a powerful, commerce and content-enabled solution with total control given to individual stores. Stores can modify and add to new releases, featured titles and unique products or sit back and utilize our chosen content.

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Some Signature Features of Broadtime's Tuneportals:

• Web hosting, DNS hosting and Email hosting
• Cover art, metadata and song samples for millions of songs
• Album Preview embeddable Widget for all albums
• Highly customizable Design (w/matching email) to choose and match your store's identity
• CONTROL PANEL based easy to use interface for site maintenance

• Hyperlinked Published list of NEW RELEASES each week editable by stores
• Featured items by genre provided to you (customizable by you)
• UPC based Chart/LIST BUILDER for Top Sellers, New Releases etc.
• Robust USER management to foster community (contests, email, notifications, preferences)
• ADVERTISING Manager with HTML/scripting ads supported and popular ADS provided
• Localized CONCERTS Calendar with hyperlinked Artists, Venues and ticketing links
• VENUE manager with contact info, directions and logos
• IN-STORE Calendar with Photos toolkit
• PHOTO BLOGGING for using "sets" of photos throughout (locations, festivals, etc.)
• ITEMS FOR SALE PAGE display of linked concerts, promos and news

• Featured Titles and Song Samples, Ad banners
• Local and Unique Custom Item Listings (i.e. Merch)
• Store level CONTESTS with graphics and existing registered users one click entry
• Powerful CUSTOM PAGE generation with HTML support
• Shopping Cart integration with PayPal functions
• GENRE control and customization
• POS Integration support (customer dependent)
• BLOGGING Tools for posting what's going on in your stores.
• and more and more and more, we are always adding new features...