Broadtime Specs

Below you will see a list of the assets we require to promote your release across our network of record stores. You can provide some or all of the assets below but our program has the greatest effect when all assets are utilized across our Web and Kiosk platforms.

We require all assests to be received 1 week prior to run dates.

Please provide the full album (or select tracks if prefered) in order to facilitate early listen of 30 sec samples on the web and full length previews in store on the listening station.
We prefer 320k MP3 but will use whatever is provided.
We can take Wav or Aif and convert them if needed.

Please provide an MP4 file or a Link to download (We host). EPK, Official single video, Lyric video etc

Please provide us with high resolution Cover Art and any Publicity photos we can use to create Kiosk signage and banners (If you wish to create your own signage and banners, the sizes and examples are shown below).
We also require any album descriptions you may have in order to add to the product page.
Broadtime will create (or you can supply)

ANIMATED SCREEN SAVER ON ALL KIOSKS (Animated GIF approximately 10 sec on a loop) - 1280 x 960 Pixels

Example Kiosk Screen

BANNER FOR WEB AND KIOSK (Animated GIF approximately 10 sec on a loop- 468 x 60 Pixels

Example Banner
BADGE FOR WEB AND KIOSK (Animated GIF approximately 10 sec on a loop234 x 60 Pixels
Example Badge
TOWER FOR WEB (Animated GIF approximately 10 sec on a loop or static jpeg234 x 600 or 900 Pixels

Example Badge