Here is a quick video tutoral for setting up mailing lists and sending out a quick message to customers each week:

11. EMAIL NEWSLETTERS (back to top)

The first step to sending an Email Newsletter is to create a List of addresses to which you wish to send.


Select Email Address Lists (a) from the side navigation and you will see the following page:

Email Lists

Here you will see a list of the Email Lists you have created (b).  To edit an existing Email List you can either select the name of the List or select Edit (c).  To create a new Email List select New Email Address List (a) and you will see the following page:

Email List Create

You can give the Email List a Title by entering it into the Title box (a).  If you want to create a general list for your weekly email to customers you can check the Sign Up When Joining Website? box (b).  This will give your customers the opportunity to sign themselves up to your list from the website.  If you want to create a list which you have complete control of, where you decide who is on the list, do not check this box.  

If you wish to manually enter addresses into the List you can add them to the HTML Users box (c).  Once you have created your Email List and entered any addresses you would like to include, select Submit (d).


Once you have your Email List created you can start to prepare your email by selecting Email Newsletter (b) from the side navigation and you will see the following page:


Here you will see a list of Emails you have created (a) and the Date they were sent (b).  You can check the History of the email which will show you which of the recipients have opened etc. by clicking History (c) and you can Preview how the email will look by selecting Preview (e).  To edit an email you can either select the Title (a) or Edit (d).

To create a New Email select New Email (h) and you will see the following page:

Email Edit

You can Title your Email by entering the Title in the Email Title (Subject) box (a).  If you have already created a Custom Page that you wish to use as the email you can enter the Page ID in the Enter Custom Page ID box (b). Note: This will override any of the features below.

If you wish to create the Email Manually you can also add extra features such as Adding in any Banner or Badge Ads (c).  The Main Section of the Email can be created in the Custom Area (d) using the same methods you would use for News and Custom Pages where you can Embed Images and Videos etc.

You can also add some extra features such as Promos (e), News Items (f), New Release Lists (g) and any other Chart (h) you have created.

You can change the order of the sections of the email by entering a Priority number in any of the Priority boxes (i).

Once you have created your email select Update (j).  You will now see that your email appears in the Email List Page:


You can preview the Email by selecting Preview (e), if you need to make any changes you can select Edit (d).  Once you are happy with the Email you can select Send (f) which will take you to the following screen:

Email Send

Here you can Confirm the Title of the Email you are sending (a) and then check the box for the Email List to which you want to send the Email (b).  Once you are ready select Submit (c) which will take you to the following Screen:

Email Confirm

This Is where you make the last checks before sending.  Double Check the Email Subject (a) and the Email List Name (b) before selecting Confirm (c).  Once you have done this your email has been sent.


One of the great features we have for Emails is the ability to See who has Opened your Emails.  To do this select History (c) which will take you to the following page:

Email History

Here You will see details of the Email Subject (a), The Email List to which you sent the email (b) and a brief rundown of how many people have opened the email.

If you select User Details (c) you will see a complete list of the Email Addresses to which the email was sent and how many times they have opened the email (d).  You will also be able to see if the email 'bounced' (e).  Note:  If the Email is shown as having bounced it is most likely due to an error in the email address so you should check the email is correct in the Email List.