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Ideally, some different blurb text that talks about the album differently than the default blurb
and includes appropriate hashtags/callouts.


It’s a thrilling ride to listen to the new @theblackkeys record Delta Kream (#deltakream)! The album takes its name from William Eggleston’s iconic Mississippi photograph that is on its cover and celebrates Mississippi Hill Country blues. There is an Indie Exclusive that’s very limited and beautiful sounding black vinyl LP, and CD.
#newreleases #indieexclusive  Link to purchase /UPC/07559791688

SOCIAL MEDIA - IG Story (Animated MP4 video approximately 15 sec or Static jpeg)
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As we mentioned a few months back, we're including TikTok content in the social assets pushed to stores each week, as we're seeing more and more stores activate on that platform. We've even enabled a TikTok button for stores to include on their websites if they are using that network to promote their store and upcoming releases. TikTok is a very fun and creative way to engage with fans, especially younger demographics and stores are very creative in reaching their audiences.

Share your ideal script and a TikTok barcode of the song you would like stores to use when making videos.