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Store Spotlight

22 Sounds - Mandeville, La.

22 Sound - Mandeville, La.

After a decade in the banking industry, Manuel Gemperli decided to quit his day job and follow his passion for music. Along with his wife, Kimberly, the couple opened up 22 Sound, just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans in Mandeville, La. in 2021.

Manuel and Kimberly’s goal was to open a music store that is constantly evolving, celebrating music that is fresh as well as classic. 22 Sound is a place to explore, discover, listen, and most importantly, celebrate music.

22 Sound is truly a family affair. In addition to Manuel and Kimberly, the store is staffed by Manuel’s brother and sister-in-law, Stewart Dowouis and Kate Rohm. Their collective love of music has led to a store where customers can truly discover something new. Their outlook is that vinyl records aren't a retro accessory, but a tried-and-true way to capture and preserve music while also providing a physical connection to the artist and their art.

22 Sound

Owner: Manuel Gemperli
Website: 22soundrecords.com
Address: 5200 LA-22, Mandeville, LA 70471
Phone: 985-792-7270

Platform Handle
Facebook @22soundrecords
Instagram @22soundrecords

22 Sound - Mandeville, La.

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Homer's Music - Omaha, NE

Homer's Music - Omaha

It's the summer of 1971, Three Dog Night has the year's biggest hit with "Joy to the World," The Stones have just released Sticky Fingers, while Marvin Gaye's masterpiece "What's Going On" is also fresh on the scene. 

That's also when Homer's Music opened its doors in America's heartland. The Omaha, Nebraska icon has stood the test of time as the music industry has shifted and changed. Homer's has thrived for over 50 years thanks to the passion of its owners, Tom ad Sue Weidner, as well as General Manager Mike Fratt, who has spent his entire career working in music retail. 

Dedication to music plus the region's best selection of new and used music has led to Homer's standing the test of time. Homer's has been in its current location in Omaha's Old Market district since 2008 and offers a vast selection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs, cassettes and lifestyle products. 

Owners: Tom and Sue Weidner
General Manager: Mike Fratt
Website: homersmusic.com
Address: 1210 Howard Street, Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: 402-346-0264
Social Media:

Platform Handle
Facebook @HomersMusic 
Instagram @HomersMusic 
Twitter @HomersMusicNE

Homer's Music - Omaha

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Tunes - Voorhees, NJ

Tunes - Voorhees, NJ

Located in Voorhees, about 30 miles outside downtown Philadelphia, Tunes has been serving the South Jersey area since 1989 and was once part of the same network of stores as Tunes Hoboken, a CIMS member. 

Despite having 30 years under its belt, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business at Tunes, as it did for many independent retailers around the world. As the pandemic wore on, Tunes' owner made the difficult decision to close the store.

That's when the store's employees decided to step in, not wanting to see a shop that has meant so much to the community for three decades go away. The employees took over the store and continue to keep Tunes alive, offering an array of new and used vinyl. 

Tunes also hosts shows to support the local scene and its new employee-owners hope to keep Tunes' status as a staple of the South Jersey music for years to come. 

Tunes - Voorhees, NJ
Owner: Evan Lynch

Website: tunesonline.net
Address: 910 Haddonfield-Berlin Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043
Phone: 856-258-4714

Social Media:

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T-Bone's Records & Cafe - Hattiesburg, MS

T-Bones Records & Cafe - Hattiesburg, MS

Celebrating its 20th anniversary under current management this year, T-Bone’s Records & Café has been a gathering place for the Hattiesburg, Mississippi community since 1999.

As any indie retail business can attest, much has changed over the past 20 years, but T-Bones owner Harry Crumpler III and his family have worked tirelessly to maintain the consistency and quality of its offerings. A member of CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores), T-Bones aims to offer the same level of product availability and knowledge that customers may find in larger cities while staying true to its small-town roots in being on a first-name basis with most of the customers.

“Our location in a college city in South Mississippi and a renowned retirement community allows our employees to serve a wide swath of people,” says Crumpler. “As the industry has altered its course, T-Bones has done so as well - working to use our online resources for promotion, audience building, and even sales.”

In addition to LPs, CDs, and books, T-Bones also serves up coffee, sandwiches, house-made desserts and even its own brand of Cold-Brewed Coffee made in-house daily. T-Bones’ café and record store are bound together and you’ll often find hungry customers flipping through vinyl while waiting for their food.

T-Bones Records & Cafe
Owner: Henry Crumpler III
Manager: Mik Davis
Website: tbonescafe.com
Address: 2101 Hardy St, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Phone: 601-583-0099

Social Media:

T-Bones Records & Cafe - Slideshow


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